Two Hawks provides proprietary consulting and analysis services to financial and legal advisors that are working on highly challenging client cases involving ADVANCED ESTATE TAX PLANNING, HIGH NET WORTH TAX PLANNING, HIGH NET WORTH BUSINESS TRANSITION and BUSINESS SUCCESSION PLANNING. We provide our independent clients with access to experts, resources and techniques that would normally be out of their reach and expertise and we help them model the financial impact of their decisions through a myriad of scenarios.

Who We Serve

Independent Financial Advisors, Estate Planning Attorneys and CPAs who are seeking assistance with complex income tax, estate tax and charitable matters facing their clients.

Advanced Estate Planning

This process includes utilizing ALL of the tools available, both charitable and non-charitable, and testing various combinations and scenarios using proprietary financial modeling software to stress-test various outcomes. All of these techniques are used, of course, to align with the family’s goals.

Asset Protection

There are a number of ways to keep assets safe from the claims of creditors and predators. These strategies include various trusts and investment decisions and even the jurisdiction in which the family locates certain assets. Protecting assets and preserving wealth is often overlooked in the planning process, but it is a critical part of our methodology.

Business Transition & Succession Planning

At some point, most business owners want to transition out of their businesses. This is the point in time when a “liquidity event” will also expose the owner to their largest income-tax event–unless proper planning is put in place well ahead of the transaction. There are a number of other business transition issues as well including: Preparing the business for sale; preparing the successors; preparing the owner for transition to a different future. All of these issues must be considered and dealt with prior to the sale.

Capital Gains Tax

There are a number of ways to mitigate, or eliminate, capital gains tax faced by the seller of virtually any capital asset. It takes planning, education and a deep understanding of client objectives to recommend the best strategy for each individual family. When executed properly it’s a win-win, but when done haphazardly, the consequences can be severe and long-lasting

Estate Planning

The process of transferring assets (and values) efficiently from generation to generation is a complex one. We work collaboratively with the entire team of professionals advising successful families and business owners to ensure that the planning is cohesive and that it minimizes complexity.

Financial Modeling

Wise financial decisions need context and framework. That’s why we create financial models to test and display multiple strategies to make certain that all stakeholders are comfortable and confident in the decisions they are making. We can use this proprietary modeling capability to compare a numbers of scenarios until we are able to arrive at an outcome that is satisfactory to all.

High Net Worth Insurance

Risk management has numerous facets and insurance is one of the most important.. One challenge that many HNW families face is a lack of liquidity. Assets are often tied up in businesses, real estate, collectibles or homes. While this may be satisfactory while the older generation is alive, a myriad of issues can arrive when they pass away. We utilize a wide variety of resources to determine the best insurance solutions for each unique family situation.

High Net Worth Tax Planning

Estate tax is only one concern for HNW families. Income tax can erode wealth as well. Often there are ways to reduce income taxes dramatically with solutions that other advisors aren’t familiar with. We apply the best ideas we can and research them thoroughly.


Unlike many professional service firms, we are transparent about our fees. Two Hawks was founded on the belief that highly trained advisors should charge fees for their work. Ultimately that’s a much better approach than doing “free” consulting, which is simply a disguised sale. HNW families can smell a disguised sales pitch from a mile away. With our approach, clients always feel they are being advised rather than sold to, even if they eventually purchase a financial product from us. Because of that, we charge a fee to perform analysis and to provide solutions. We quote ALL fees in advance of doing work and they are always flat fees. Fees may range from as low as a $1,000 for simple, tactical solutions to a one-time issue to ten basis points (of net worth) to provide a comprehensive and integrated plan that applies multiple, integrated strategies for managing a family’s estate. As part of our fee, we will fix, alter, amend and revise plans as necessary, normally without additional charge. We also typically participate in life insurance sales or strategy fees, all of which are disclosed and agreed upon before we are engaged. We have never lost an engagement because of our fees.